Commercial Project List

1st Priority Bank
Architectural plans for:
S.R 64:    3,200 s.f. Single story structure located at 5700 SR 64, Bradenton, FL
Port Charlotte:     4,540 s.f. Two story structure to be built in Port Charlotte, FL
Tampa:    2,000 s.f. Interior build-out located at 1725 W. Kennedy, Tampa, FL
Sarasota:     2,200 s.f. interior build-out located on Second Street, Sarasota, FL

B&B Corporate Holdings
Architectural plans for:
Handy’s Foods:    2,129 s.f. Interior renovation to repair fire damage
University Plaza:    38,602 s.f. Interior and exterior renovation
Riverview Oaks Plaza:    85,000 s.f. Interior renovation
Color Tyme:    6,000 s.f. Interior tenant improvement

Tara Commercial Complex
Architectural plans for:
4 commercial buildings to be located in Manatee County, FL

Avon Cabinet Corporation
Architectural plans for:
100,000 s.f. manufacturing facility
7,913 s.f. office located in Manatee County, Fl.
Construction cost $2.3 million.

Ameritex Technologies
Architectural and civil plans for:
31,741 s.f. Manufacturing facility
4,289 s.f. Office located in Manatee County, Fl.
Construction cost $1.9 million.

Architectural and civil plans for:
35,000 s.f. addition to manufacturing facility.

Lombardo, Skipper & Foley
Architectural plans for:
Renovation of existing 5,400 s.f. office
3,600 addition located in Palmetto, FL

East Manatee Herald
Architectural plans for::
3,600 s.f. Building for branch office of the Bradenton Herald newspaper

Oak Forest
Architectural plans for:
4,800 s.f. Clubhouse located in Englewood, FL

D’Artino’s Restaurant and Pizza
Architectural plans for:
4,000 s.f. Restaurant located on S.R. 70, Manatee County, Fl.

Manatee County Tax Collector’s Office S.R. 70
Architectural plans for:
3,850 s.f. office located in Bradenton, FL
with an adjacent 1,500 s.f. rental space.

Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling, Bradenton, FL
Architectural plans for:
7,133 s.f. Two-story storage and shop addition
1,200 s.f. Office addition
2,800 s.f. Storage and shop addition

Regatta Pointe Marina
Architectural plans for:
Riverhouse Restaurant:    25,000 interior build-out
Riverside Café:    Dining, Kitchen and Deck Addition
Pool House:    Design drawings
Main Office:    Remodel
Tenant Improvement/Addition:    For Massey Yachts

Interstate Industrial
Architectural plans for:
Parkland Center Lot 7:    32,750 s.f. Interior improvements
Pines II:    9,750 s.f. Interior improvements
5004A US 41:    Fire assessment
33th Street Commercial Condominiums

Firkin’s Chrysler Jeep Eagle Car Dealership
Architectural plans for:
Pre-owned showroom:    Interior and exterior renovation of 6,200 s.f. building,
Main showroom:    Exterior façade renovation,
Car Wash:    Addition.
Service Center:    Addition.
Auto Body:     Office renovation.

Firkin’s Mitsubishi
Architectural plans for:
3,500 s.f. showroom and offices for car dealership

Schroeder Manatee Ranch
Architectural plans for:
3,600 s.f. and 3,000 s.f. office buildings;
2,500 s.f. metal barn structure,
2,400 s.f. pavilion,
400 s.f. pavilion,
(2) 440 s.f. wastewater pump building,
784 s.f. restroom/storage building for recreational area,
800 s.f. restroom/concession,
(2) 8,000 s.f. horse barns and
2,400 s.f. viewing pavilion for Sarasota Polo Fields, located in Sarasota and
Manatee Counties, Florida.

Zirkelbach Construction
Architectural plans for:
Renovation/addition to 5,350 s.f. offices
Located in Palmetto, FL

A-1 Self Storage
Architectural plans for:
30,000 s.f. addition to mini-storage facility and new manager’s office
Located in Palmetto, FL.

Underhill Office Building
Architectural plans for:
3,100 s.f. professional office
Located in Bradenton, Florida.
Con¬struction cost $400,000

American Mini Self Storage
Architectural plans for:
2,000 s.f. manager’s office/residence
65,000 s.f. of mini-warehouse storage
Located in Lakewood Ranch Development, Sarasota, Florida.
Construction cost $600,000.

Bob Boast Dodge
Architectural plans for:
Main showroom:    Interior renovation of existing 10,700 s.f. building.
Car Wash:    Addition.
Service Area:    Addition

Ferber & Sons
Architectural plans for:
KFC 1210 8th Avenue W., Palmetto FL, interior and exterior renovation
KFC 8004 Cortez Rd., Bradenton, FL, interior and exterior renovation
KFC 1420 Cortez Rd., Bradenton, FL, interior and exterior renovation
525 1st St. E., Bradenton, FL, interior and exterior renovation
6301 15th St. E., Bradenton, FL, interior and exterior renovation
ADA studies of all stores prior to renovations

River Wilderness
Architectural plans for:
Clubhouse renovation and addition to 19,000 s.f. building,
Gatehouse interior and exterior renovation,
Golf cart barn renovation,
Swim, Tennis and Fitness Clubhouse 3,000 s.f. located in Parrish, Florida.
Estimated construction cost $800,000.

River Plaza
Architectural and civil plans for:
Construction of an 8,000 s.f., 6 unit retail shopping center
Located in Manatee County.

Accent Plaza
Architectural and civil plans for:
Construction of a 3,400 s.f. 6 unit retail shopping center and 130 unit miniwarehouse complex Located in Manatee County.

Holmes Beach Business Center
Architectural and civil plans for:
15,000 s.f., 25 unit mixed occupancy development
Located in Holmes Beach, Florida.

Ready Store
Architectural and civil plans for:
Convenience stores located throughout the state of Florida.
Additionally prepared architectural plans for prototype store to be constructed
throughout the state of Florida.

Amerada Hess Corporation
Architectural plans for:
Storage additions to existing convenience store/gas stations throughout the
states of Florida and New York.
Carwash Prototype:    Built throughout the southeastern United States.
Flood Proofed convenience store:  Built in Madeira Beach, FL