Officials talk about what Palmetto will look like – Posted on Tue, Sep. 22, 2009 By CARL MARIO NUDI

PALMETTO — Without knowing what the future holds, several city commissioners were reluctant to change current land use designations.

The panel held a workshop Monday to discuss comprehensive plan changes proposed by the city planning and zoning commission.

The Florida Department of Community Affairs requires local governments to submit revised planning documents that cover possible land use changes through 2030.

Commissioner Tambra Varnadore voiced concern with allowing up to 45 residential units per acre in the commercial corridors along Eighth and 10th avenues west and 10th Street West.

City planning consultant Tom McCollum said the comprehensive plan already allows a maximum of 45 units in the planned development designations, but the proposal to allow it in the business district was to encourage mixed uses of retail stores, restaurants and other commercial enterprises on the street level with residences above them.

The change led to a philosophical discussion of what the individual commissioners wanted the commercial core to look like in the future.

The planning commission’s thinking was if Palmetto was going to sustain a viable downtown community, then going to 45 units was not that drastic, McCollum said.

“I would be uncomfortable with a higher density,” Varnadore said.

Planning commission member Charlie Ugarte, a Palmetto architect, tried to explain how the panel developed its proposals. …..  Continue reading at Bradenton Herald