Ugarte & Associates has a long history of designing beautiful homes tailored to their owners. We listen to our clients and collaboratively develop homes that are molded to their lives while elegantly adapting to our environment.

Modest sized house on the Braden River. The house blends inside and outside space with large porches that are connected to interior rooms with multiple sliding glass doors.

This residence is currently under construction and scheduled to be completed later this year. The rendered model is a color study used to assist the owners in beginning to select exterior colors.

The project consisted of constructing a new two story 6,000 s.f. single family residence. This gulf front home is seaward of the coastal construction line and designed to the stringent guidelines of FEMA and the Florida Department of Environmental Construction.

U&A designed this three story 8,000 s.f. single family residence located on the Manatee River meeting FEMA requirements for a velocity zone.

This project consisted of a new modest single family residence. Careful attention to detail was integrated throughout this project to incorporate modern construction techniques that elicit craftsman era designs.

A canal front existing home situated below the base flood elevation was designed to update its character from the street, meet the owner's needs and stay within FEMA constraints.

Ugarte & Associates designed this elegant single family residence located on the Manatee River.

Ugarte & Associates has the ability to artfully render projects to help our clients visualize the outcome.

The project consisted of prototype residences that were economical, energy efficient and easy to construct. The project was awarded the 2012 Aurora Award for Green Construction for Low Income Housing.